Düsterhöft Consulting is a German professional firm providing specialist consulting services to public and private sector clients in the hotel, tourism and leisure industry. Established in 1993, Düsterhöft Consulting directors, Mr. Heiko Düsterhöft and Mrs. Ursula Düsterhöft, have over thirty years experience in tourism consulting and management positions.

Mr. Heiko Düsterhöft is a certified and authorized expert who furnishes expert opinions for hotel managements, banking institutions and the catering industry. Mrs. Ursula Düsterhöft is a certified coach and trainer who conducts tailor-made industry-related seminars to small and medium-sized businesses. Mrs. Düsterhöft speaks English fluently and also offers training courses in English. Furthermore, Düsterhöft Consulting offers training courses and workshops on various topics such as Strategic Project Management, Controlling, Coaching, Marketing, etc.

Our corporate philosophy is to differentiate ourselves from our more academically oriented peers in the highly pragmatic, action-oriented approach we bring to the solution of client problems. We can get involved in implementation, sales and marketing activities on behalf of our clients.

We bring to bear on every assignment a clear dedication to quality and responsiveness to our client's needs and development timetable without compromising objectivity. Our services are structured to provide exceptional value to our clients in articulating the optimum development strategy, the most appropriate financing methodology, and a practical approach to facility planning, marketing, management, and investment promotion.

The Düsterhöft Consulting team includes skilled, experienced, commercially focussed and pragmatic professionals specialising in the tourism and leisure industry. The team provides clients with research, analysis and value-added advice from small to large projects across diverse segments of the tourism industry.

Hotel Industry Services:
Hotel operations / management reviews for owners and operators in the hotel industry (e.g. performance improvement)
Hotel market demand & supply analysis / studies
Hotel feasibility analysis / studies
Hotel market occupancy, room rate and profitability surveys
Due diligence support and management services
Strategic and business planning
Hotel investor sourcing, selection and negotiation
Pre-purchase / pre-development reviews
Acquisition and disposal services

Other Tourism Industry Services:
National and regional tourism strategy development
Regional and local master planning
Regional and local tourism product development
Support services in regional tourism product development
National, regional and local market research and analysis
Public and private tourism infrastructure development: research, analysis, feasibility studies, economic impact analysis
Visitor attractions: Market analysis and feasibility studies, operations reviews, performance improvement consulting, transaction support

Specialist advice available is centred on the following areas:
Trainings: Creation of proficiency courses, training tailored to suit individual requirements, training for instructors and organization of conferences.
Hospitality-Tourism Sector: Expert evaluations of hotels and tourism establishments, appraisals of skills and qualifications, definitions of training schemes, training in enterprise (inside training).

Market Research:
Düsterhöft Consulting provides specialist services in tourism and hospitality market research. Services range from focus groups to large surveys. Research conducted for hotel companies includes:

Demographic profiles of target segments
New product evaluation
Price sensitivity
Impact of hotel award programs on hotel choice
Tracking studies to evaluate awareness and usage

Feasibility Studies:
Düsterhöft Consulting´s feasibility studies of potential hotel and resort projects include

Assessment of the local market
Examination of the competitive environment
Evaluation of expected financial performance
Prediction of likely financial returns

Practical training courses and coaching for small and
medium-sized enterprises in the hotel- and catering industry:

Subjects Training Courses Target Group
Service     Basic Course and Advanced Course     Unskilled service workers and career changers
Reception     Working at the reception, guest relations, Fidelio Hotel Programme, Reservations Power     Unskilled workers, Receptionists
Housekeeping     Arrivals and Departures, Housekeeping Management, Fidelio for Housekeeping     Unskilled workers and career changers, housekeepers and assistant housekeepers
Guest Relations     Complaints Management     All employees
Hotel/Catering/Tourism     Customer Loyalty, Guest Relations, Communication, Telephone Training     All employees

Moreover, we offer individual consulting services for small and
medium-sized organisations concerning the following topics:

We assist you in implementing new marketing ideas and/or operating plans
Potential Analysis:
Short analysis of your enterprise including a forward-looking final report
We offer the following courses: Corporate Identity, Customer Relations, and Communications. We provide comprehensive training for your employees who after all are the most important factor for a successfully operating service enterprise
Soft Skills:
More than ever, it is important to surprise guests with innovative incentives programmes and outstanding services in order to advance customer loyalty

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